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минус: ориг

1 verse: I’ve gotta keep the calm before the storm I don’t want less, I don’t want more Must bar the windows and the doors To keep me safe to keep me warm
2 verse: Yeah my life is what I’m fighting for Can’t part the sea can’t reach the shore And my voice becomes the driving force I won’t let this pull me overboard
Chorus: God keep my head above water Don’t let me drown It gets harder I’ll meet you there at the altar As I fall down to my knees Don’t let me drown, Don’t let me drown
3 verse: So pull me up from down below ‘Cause I’m underneath the undertow Come dry me off and hold me close I need you now I need you most Keep my head above water above water
Bridge: And I can’t see in the stormy weather I can’t seem to keep it all together And I can’t swim the ocean like this forever And I can’t breathe

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