Pioneers (feat. Moriah & Courtney)


Burn The Ships


минус: ориг

1 verse:
I am here, you are there, lying side by side
Out of touch, out of reach in the great divide
Parallel lines, ooh
Hear the rain, count the drops on the window pane
Wide awake, stalemate, why do we play this game?
Oh God, I hate this game

Pre chorus:
Throw open the doors
You know my heart is yours
What are we waiting for? Yeah

Let's be pioneers
And we'll build our home
In the great unknown, yeah
Let's be pioneers

2 verse:
There's a song that we sang on our honeymoon
I remember all the words but forgot the tune
Why are we out of tune? (Ooh)
Let's forgive and let's forgive again (Ooh)
I'm reaching out to my sweetest friend (Ooh)
Can we start again?

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