All To Him

Hillsong Worship

These Same Skies



1 Verse: All to Him Who is seated on the throne Be all majesty and praise All authority and power
2 Verse: All to Him Who calls my heart His home Be my everlasting worship My trust and my surrender
Chorus: To Him Who took that cross And took down all my sin All my shame I bring All my soul will sing To Him Who broke my chains To live is Christ To die is gain There is nothing I want more Than my last breath confess A life lived all to Him
3 Verse: All to Jesus The Saviour of my soul To Him who reigns above all other names In earth and sky and heaven
4 Verse: All to Jesus And His praise forevermore For He kept His word And He shall return To sweep up His bride in glory
Chorus 2: Now to Him Because He lives Because He set me free I will rest my fears Where I trust my future To Him Who reigns beyond that grave With grace to carry me home There is nothing I want more Than my last breath confess A life lived all to Jesus
Bridge 1: Lift up His Name Jesus, the light of heaven Worthy of praise Jesus, the King is risen He reigns in grace and power Worthy of praise forevermore Nothing less than my all I surrender my all to Him
Bridge 2 Tag: All to Him, our God Who reigns forevermore Be all the praise And all the glory All to Him whose Name Is worthy of it all My life to Jesus I surrender all

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