Rhett Walker

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1 verse: I walk a bit different now now that my heart’s been found Nothing really feels the same I hold my head a bit higher I lift my voice a bit louder Yeah, something inside has changed
Chorus: I am a mountain mover water walker more than just an overcomer Cause I've been set free I am a gospel preacher heart on fire freedom singing testifier Cause I’ve been redeemed
Tag: I am a believer I am a believer
2 verse: I know this is not my home I know I don’t walk alone No matter what comes my way I have peace through the trouble I have joy though the struggle And now my hope’s in a brighter day
Bridge: I am a child of the Father An orphan, no longer No doubt about who I am I’m in the hands of the Healer The arms of the Savior His grace makes me who I am

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