No One Like Our God

Lincoln Brewster

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минус: ориг

1 verse:
What is this love that won’t relent
That’s calling out with heaven’s breath
Who’s reaching wide to save our souls
Only You
What is this grace that makes no sense
That we could never recompense
Who gives us all a second chance
Only You, Only You, Only You
There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God
There is no other God who can save
There is no one like our God
2 verse:
Who hung the stars upon the night
And showed the sun how bright to shine
Who shaped with world within His hands
Only you
Who set the sky upon the hills
And told the waters to be still
Who spoke to form the universe
Only You, Only You, Only You
No height or depth can stand between us
No power on earth or all creation
No life or death can separate us from Your love

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