That's Him

The Hoppers

The Ride


минус: ориг

минус: ориг + бэк



Verse: 1
A tender blade of grass so green
Crushed in the footprint of the Nazarene
Sprang back and waved a message to a bird on the wing
That’s Him

Verse: 2
In a mighty old river in the noonday sun
An outcast kept crying, «I tell you He’s the One»
A voice out of Heaven said, «I'm pleased with My Son»
That’s Him

Verse: 3
That’s Him, He’s Sharon’s rose
That’s Him, our Morning Star that glows
He’s Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the end
That’s Him

Verse: 4
Angry waves splashing everywhere
He’s asleep in the boat, does He even care?
We’re all so afraid, He just keeps lying there
That’s Him

Verse: 5
Then He raised His hands above His head
Said, «Peace, be still» and the water fled
A wave tapped the wind on the shoulder and said, «Shh, that’s Him»
That’s Him, that’s Him

Verse: 6
There’ll be two at work in a field one day
One will be left, the other called away
One falls to his knees, «It's too late» he’ll say
'Cause that’s Him

Verse: 7
With one foot on the sea and one on the shore
Declaring the time, it will never be anymore
The trumpet will shout like never before
That’s Him

Verse: 8
That’s Him, He’s Sharon’s rose, that’s Him
Our Morning Star that glows
He’s Alpha, Omega, beginning and the end
That’s Him
He’s Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the end
That’s Him, that’s Him

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